June 19, 2007

QE2 Sets sail for a new home. The Queen Elizabeth 2,arguably one of the most famous ships in the world, is set to become a 100 million dollar tourist attraction in a specially designed dock located in The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Some are very upset at this sale.
  • Perhaps something like this for your 4th link, Vertex?
  • It's funny, I kept trying to link that but it kept not working. I thought I had it there. =P Thanks.
  • Maybe they can offer the Arabs the Cutty Sark instead?
  • "Anger, disappointment and tears have all greeted the news of the £50m deal..."
    It's a dirty fucking boat people, ride a new one. Next!
  • That Palm Island thingie is pretty cool.
  • Too bad you'd have the Beckhams for neighbours.
  • Dubai? w...t...f? Carnival is an American company. This is really weird. Oh well. /chalk up another one for world oddities
  • Is it just me or is Dubai steadily becoming the physical manifestation of GoldenPalace.com?
  • Bist Dubai Mir?
  • Ja, bin ich. Toll, na? The Palm Islands are mental. There's going to be 3 of them, as well. And then they're doing a set of islands in the shape of the continents of the world. No gambling in Dubai though!
  • Terrorism is so much easier if you can bomb the States without leaving the Middle East, I suppose.
  • Think of the possibilities of selling incredibly cheap land at an incredibly high price... how would you like to buy Hong Kong for 1.5 billion! At these low prices it's a steal! In Dubai, no refunds.
  • The Palms? Hubris.