June 17, 2007

Green dye, er, die in Dundee. New meaning to the words "tree huggers!"
  • Or - just help nature along by being cremated and fertilizing the earth directly by being scattered.
  • ...except that cremation requires the expenditure of a very large bit of energy and the resulting emissions pollute. Consider a green burial.
  • Are you people idiots? How will my Ba and Ka souls live on in Osiris' realm without my body being smeared in honey and lodged safe within a sarcophagus of luxullianite? I've already taken my brain out through my nostrils to save valuable time.
  • Quiddy I thought you were just pickling yourself one beer at a time sweetie?
  • I may be in Tokyo in August - shall we have another beerup?
  • Sure! I'll start working on liver regeneration immediately.
  • Cool - I'll mail you when dates is worked out.
  • Rock on - if it's around the 15th you could even wrangle an invite to my Birthday party.
  • Actually I might be the week before - but I hope celebrations will start early (and end late).
  • Probably - seeing as it will be my 21st this year! again...