June 13, 2007

Today is "Blog Like it's the End of the World" Day. The "blogosphere" (I hate that word, even though it was on The Daily Show) is blogging about some weird events. It almost sounds like the undead are walking.

Anyone else noticed any unusual activity?

  • Well... I did add a new page to the wiki....
  • Wait, we have a wiki?
  • Next you'll be trying to get us to believe there's a "preview button" or some such folly.
  • Anyone else noticed any unusual activity? Yeah, MoFi seems to be working properly. For a change. The other bizarre thing is that everyone is still putting up with squid lady as Administrator - but I guess I got some other threads to moan about that in.
  • Wow. There's a shitload of spam on the wiki. Unless quid really is that interested in ringtones...
  • *stares blankly at screen, for many hours* *checks email for incoming jobs* *stares at nearby ambulatory co-workers who sport same blank expression, trades unintelligible grunts* *looks down at city streets, jammed with snail-paced cars* *blinks* *manages to extrude from chair without leaving some piece behind* *mumbles "Braaaains Coooffeeeee..." *stands still for a few moments, clumsily leaves office, gets in elevator*
  • We should have gone zombie for the day! We're technically a blog, right? I demand we plan for this next year!
  • I am posting this from a remote and defensible location. You are all fucked. I've got enough ammo, sharp tools and dried foods to last until the winter freeze. Nice knowing you. INCOMING!!!!!!!
  • Anyone else noticed any unusual activity? I'm not going outside to check. You can't fool me.
  • Maybe it's because I forgot to take my lighten-up-and-stop-being-such-a-fucking-prick pill this morning, but this zombie thing just seems so tired to me. Is it still 2002?
  • We'll eat him first.
  • It's still 1590 for me. This interknit stuff is powerful witchcraft. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and raise a storm.
  • The only think to rise from the dead in the last few days was the TV show "Jericho". I think this meme is dead in the tubes. Maybe somebody can try it again 28 days later.
  • Wendell is right; this whole walking-dead thing has totally fizzled. I haven't noticed anything unusual since I welded shut the door to my flat 3 days ago. Nope. Totally quiet out there. Maybe... too quiet... Bottled water, anyone? No? Freeze-dried ice cream?
  • I have been having a lot of fun playing along with a character journal I had kicking around.
  • When is "Masturbate Like an Elf Day?"
  • why bernockle, I thought that was every day for you!
  • *kicks Capt. Renault* Dude if you see spam just log in and delete it! Abiezer and I have just done a big clean up of spam from the wiki. *wipes sweat from forehead, hands Abiezer a cold beer*
  • Mm frothy, and goes great with spam!
  • Obviously I should add the wiki, which I had mostly forgotten, back into my bookmarks.
  • Alnedra has been doing some de-spamming too. She's found a number of member profiles there have been defiled - so if you have an account please go check it to make sure it's ok. ALERT: Not all of the spam is obvious. Some of it is concealed in a hidden div - so you can only see it if you go into Edit.
  • OK, that was funny.
  • FBI tries to fight zombie hordes. Strangely topical...
  • I am currently eating one of the Ten Best Sammiches I Have Ever Had. If the world ends today, I will have been satisfied with my last meal. Even if it didn't contain any braaaaains.
  • HA!! I is not cheezburgerz! Not much happenin' here. Could be we're so close to the air base there's not a whole lotta brains to spare.