June 09, 2007

The Flying Scotsman. "He is the underdog who took on vastly superior odds, not with fancy machines and sophisticated back-up but a training diet of marmalade sandwiches, a bike made of scrap parts, including bearings from his washing machine, and a determination to win despite obscurity and an empty bank account."
  • Can't wait to see he movie. Of course, I'm in tears just from reading the article, so I'd beter wear a raincoat to the theater.
  • wow.
  • I want to see more close-ups of the bike.
  • Yes, finally this is a movie I'd like to see, after what has been a long, dry run. Yeah for marmalade sandwiches!
  • From the department of The Hour cycling trivia: Leontien van Moorsel broke the record when she was menstruating. She said her pain threshold was higher then.
  • I bet his wife made him just keep wearing his dirty old bike shorts until he got her a new washing machine.
  • I can't imagine being married to that kind of obsessive...with or without a washing machine.
  • The cyclist Graeme Obree is a perfect British sporting hero. Typical English reporting...English heroes are "English" and Scottish heroes are "British". Nice story, though.