May 30, 2007

Wine scandal leaves Sausalito with a bad taste. Report on the arson cited in the article here.
  • Wow. That'll be a good book.
  • Absurd hyperbole of the day: "This is the act of a sociopath." How about the work of a criminal wine lover who was out for his own enrichment and to enhance his collection, perhaps?
  • Why did they bold the word "wine" every time they used it? I feel like I'm missing something important.
  • I think it's HawthorneWingo's search term. How embarrassing! HEY HAWTHORNE! EVERYONE CAN SEE YOUR SEARCH TERM!!!
  • Oh no they can't you jerkface. Even if they can, so what. But they can't. That's not my search term. That's...something else. Anyway, I'm not listening I can't hear you. So shut up. Jerkface.
  • Hey everybody, if I were you I wouldn't listen to a word Nickdanger says, 'cause he's a jerkface and he smells like a funky hoodie.
  • I feel the need. The need... for MEAD!
  • war on terroir?
  • Well, Saucalito has certainly been comfortable with scandalous characters, in the past. Some years ago they might have liked the taste, but I'm not sure they would now.
  • Oh, and, if you wonder what Walter Keene paintings here ya go., Sort of like anime without the animation.
  • Damn
  • HEY LOOKIE! HAWTHORNE'S SEARCH TERM IS HANGING OUT!! HA. HA. IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm.IseeHawthorne'ssearchterm. nanny nanny boo boo! Oh, and if you made that mess, Pete, PICK IT UP!
  • What an amazing story. Thanks for the link, HW.