May 26, 2007

The King of the Dutar. The Dutar is a two stringed lute found in Central Asia. Meet Abdurehim Heyit. Be sure to notice the track for downloading.
  • Ok,I'm confusted. It appears that his left hand may be playing just two struings, but the right is surely using a bunch more. Not that that makes it less impressive. And, I'm surprised at how Western it sounds.
  • At the risk of being hard to please- a rustic background would have been nice.
  • Ok, so I listened to the "downloading" part after writing the above. I didn't see any way to save it to my computer, and I want it. "Exander" kept coming up. Is it about Alexander the Great? Hope me!
  • I do believe we've been introduced before. Good find on the download, though!
  • Ah nuts, fish tick totally has linked that before. Good find on the Music Furthest from the Sea. There's some awesome business on thar.