May 01, 2007

Curious George: MPD/DID Does anyone know anything about Dissociative Identity Disorder? (Multiple Personalities). The subject was part of a bit of a discussion recently and wonder what opinions folks here might have about it.
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  • You may need to be a bit clearer about what you want to know, rotate180nth, otherwise you'll get jokey answers like the above. I added a "Curious George" to your post because it's a question, not a link.
  • I have seen statistics which suggest the rate of MPD or DID is strongly correlated with the portrayal of "split personalities" in the popular media. I don't myself think this means it is entirely fake or hypochondriac. If I'm allowed a self-post, some of my thoughts are here.
  • The philosopher of science Ian Hacking makes a similar observation, Plegmund. Hacking suggests that people experience certain sets of symptoms as multiple personalities because it is socially meaningful way to understand them. In the past demonic possession might have been similarly meaningful. I'm not sure it makes a whit of difference for those experiencing it whether the multiple personalities are 'real' or merely a way of constructing the reality that someone is experiencing, except to the extent that it influences their treatment.
  • This is a website that has Q&A, messageboard, discussions, and links that might give you some info. It also has a multiple personality heading.
  • Thanks Tracicle, I wasn't sure how to post the topic. As said, recently had a discussion with persons (including Psychiatrist) on the subject and it was intimated that my sister had this disorder. Obviously her Psychiatrist is unable to 'come straight out' and tell me this is the diagnosis but he referred to it obliquely. It does explain a lot of things about her that have puzzled and confused people who know her, not least among them is me. I suppose the dilemma is where do i learn more about this (obviously i can't question her Psych' for more depth & detail) and how do i change (?) and/or make differences in how i relate to her in the light of this information. It seems to me that the more i can learn, the less likely it may be that i 'trigger' nasty/aggressive reactions. I have no idea what may have caused this but from what i'm reading, it would have begun prior to her age 7 years. If she is so damaged (i had thought she was just a thoroughly unpleasant person/lying and manipulative - or simply just nukkin futs), then i need to be more supportive, not add to the damage. Thanks also Plegmund, Sfred and BlueHorse for the links.
  • Mmmmm, that's tough, Rotate. Must be hard to know how to handle. Did the psych also mention Borderline Personality Disorder? Just curious, because I have a niece that falls into that catagory, and she is also very manipulative. She apprears to have two distinct personalities because she can be charming and fun and then hostile and manipulative. Her appearance changes, too, since on a good day she dresses well and combs her hair, and on a bad day she looks like a witch. "Manipulation or Desperation? It's no secret that non-BPs often feel manipulated and lied to by their borderline loved ones. In other words, they feel controlled or taken advantage of through means such as threats, no-win situations, the "silent treatment," rages, and other methods they view as unfair. We believe that, in most cases, the BP's behavior is not intentionally manipulative. Rather, this kind of behavior can be seen as desperate attempts to cope with painful feelings or to get their needs met-without the aim of harming others" Here's a site and here Good luck.
  • BPD is defninitely not what she exhibits, BlueHorse. She has periods when she can't remember where she has been or what she has done. I now know this frightens her as she has commented only very recently that maybe she has Dementia, like Mum. She has times when she will deny even knowing about things she has talked about (researched and documented, and with fluent, intelligent knowledge) often within days of such discussion. She has times when she is very passive, vague and depressed and doesn't remember conversations, or even events in which she has played a large part. When she is 'passive' she is very easily persuaded and influenced to do things that she would otherwise avoid. Another very different aspect is hyperactive, highly articulate and intelligent; passionately devoted to animals and environmental causes. This 'part of her' plays various musical instruments (that she cannot play on other occasions) and also has different 'memories' of her life and events. She paints in oils - but not when she is in musician-mode. She also has another aspect 'who' is always talking about fairies, draws fairy-like creatures and is very child-like, feminine and as silly as a wet hen. The worst aspect of her character is violent, suspicious, jealous, devious, trouble-making, lying and malicious, as well as absolutely determined that her memories of things that have never happened, could not have happened, are totally accurate and reasonable. If anyone disagrees with her she will verbally, and/or physically attack them. She is extremely violent and dangerous in this 'mood.' It's been very confusing, and often very scary, as we never know how she will react to whatever we say or do, or how she will interpret even the most innocuous of remarks. Ovbiously those who know her treat her very warily, kinda "walking on eggs" stuff. Her Psych' is not going to give us any advice, because he obviously can't do more than allude to this (give us a "clue" so to speak) so it's a matter of doing the research i can. It's been a bit of a - shock - i suppose you could say. Changes so much and gives a whole different viewpoint toward a person. I feel so bloody sad for her and wish i had known more in the past. But - we didn't - so no use whinging and waffling on about "what if!" It's from now we deal with, not yesterdays. Plodding on, feet flatter than ever but less likely to be firmly stuck in mouth. :\
  • Best wishes rotatey-one-eighty. It's very tough to deal with mental illness in those close to us.
  • I just wanted to give best wishes as well. I'm very impressed by your attitude here and I can only hope I'd react in the same way:
    I feel so bloody sad for her and wish i had known more in the past. But - we didn't - so no use whinging and waffling on about "what if!" It's from now we deal with, not yesterdays.
  • I know her therapist can't advise you, but what about making an appointment *for yourself* with a different counselor, who could both educate you and help you with what you're going through in relation to all this?
  • Thanks Roryk and Sfred for the best wishes. Warms the 'cockles of me heart' maties. And Hillbillyswamp, i've arranged to see a bloke of the pees-eye-kee-riot-us thingie and hope to gain some insights. Not over optimistic though. From what i'm reading, there are them as reckon this MPD/DID thing is created in therapy and them as oppose this view. In this case, can't see how it could have arisen out of therapy as she's been 'of that ilk' for as long as i can recall. The therapy is relatively recent. In the meantime, have to wait some time before appointment is available so will continue to search for as much info' as possible. Seems a good idea to have a list of 'appropriate' questions to ask rather than staggering in with stumbling tongue, blundering about like an elephant in a tutu. :)