March 11, 2004

New wave of Jessica Simpson jokes in 5...4...3... The dumb blonde can't even spell "desert"! No wait... it IS supposed to be "dessert". Love the re-purposing of the old Charlie the Tuna "good taste - taste good" meme.

I'm sure she really felt that there weren't enough oral sex jokes about her going around.

  • Uh...No one is sexy enough to get me to eat body lotion.
  • There are Jessica Simpson oral sex jokes going around? Why didn't anyone tell me?
  • Do I have to explain ALL my jokes? I meant she WASN'T getting "enough" oral sex jokes about her... (a semi-famous MeFite asked me the same question, j_t)
  • Here photoshoot of this campaign was a great episode of Newlyweds =)
  • I mean "Her" of course.
  • Wait wait wait... I must have missed a memo. We're supposed to care about Jessica Simpson now? I can't keep track anymore.
  • The memo specifically said we're supposed to make fun of Jessica Simpson now, cs1...
  • I want that joke explained.