April 25, 2007


Graaaah... Naaarrrgle Braaainssssssss Gnnnaaaaayyyyaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh Discuss.

  • It is true that I have risen from the dead. It is not true that I eat or rot people's brains. The fundamentalists do that.
  • Well, we've beene snacking on your body and blood for a couple thousand years. So if you did decide to eat our brains I guess we'd be even.
  • why would zombie jesus want to eat my brains
  • They're second coming to get you, Barbara.
  • Frankly, this concept does not seem any weirder than those scarily graphic "exposed flaming heart" images I used to peer at when visiting Catholic chums as a tyke. "Why is Jesus ripping open his chest?" I'd ask my pals, and they'd shrug and reply, "dunno, that's the Sacred Heart of Jesus," or something equally baffling. Actually, I think Zombie Jesus already ate the brains of the fundamentalists... it would explain a lot.
  • I love, love, love uncyclopedia. The entry on Darwinism is pure gold.
  • A (Buddhist) friend gave me a xeroxed copy of a book that questions pretty much EVERY idea about Jesus.
  • Ralph's comment is very zen.