March 11, 2004

Ultima comics: Imanewbie. A fading souvenir of Ultima Online in its glory days. This classic comic strip starts off with Imanewbie simply being snuffed by player killers, but it eventually weaves a hilarious tale of life in Britannia and things that should not be. A must-see for any Ultima fan. A request - please share any other great comics you know of that parody an an actual computer game (Sims is one possible candidate).
  • These are bad. Really, really bad. double plus unbanana.
  • Actually I thought the later ones were quite funny.
  • I got up to the sixties, and I still wasn't feeling it.
  • maybe not so much "really, really bad", more like "if i didn't play this game, i have basically nothing on which to base my understanding of this". i mean, come on, if this was a collection of cartoons made from screen shots of "super mario brothers", it would be relevant to me and possibly funny. it seems fairly clear that other people playing the game liked the comics and encouraged the author to continue making them. (as a person who has played other online multiplayer games, seeing the newbie get immediately killed was kinda funny, though...)