March 16, 2007

A new species of leopard has been discovered in Borneo, the latest of more than 400 species discovered since 1996. A very handsome animal it is too.

Previous Borneo biodiversity post. And another.

  • Oooh. Love the kitty.
  • Beautiful coat.
  • isn't this the coolest thing? cloud leopards have such beautiful coats. I think I need to adopt one :)
  • They really are amazingly beautiful. Snow leopards too. Great, gorgeous kittys.
  • Ah. So this would technically be a species of double. Sorry, homunculus, seems I searched for 'Borneo,' but somehow neglected to search for 'leopard.' How odd.
  • The other was more of a subspecies perhaps. Postus threadis commentus, perhaps. Please note the typeface is a bit different and the comments are sharper.
  • Oh, I don't think it's a double, since the other was so specific. I only linked it for reference. Hooray for leopards!
  • cloud leopards have such beautiful coats Medusa DeVille, I presume?
  • Well, you see-- Some men hunt for sport, Others hunt for food, The only thing I'm hunting for, Is an outfit that looks goooood...
  •, see my vest, Made of real gorilla chest!
  • Vests are fine and dandy, but stay away from gorilla loincloths; you could catch something.
  • See my sweater, there's no better Than authentic Irish Setter!
  • "It feeds on monkeys, small deer, birds and lizards". Just sayin'.
  • well unlike Mr. Burns I wouldn't wear any of our fine friends from the jungle, but I have always wanted to have a big cat as a pet (either a Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard or Siberian Tiger) and buy it a beautiful rhinestone collar and take it for walks late at night in dangerous neighborhoods :D
  • take it for walks late at night in dangerous neighborhoods Feeding time!
  • especially with the Siberian. how else could I afford to feed an 800 lb kitty??
  • .