March 08, 2007

The ugliest flame war of all time can be found here. Blog owners eventually notice.
  • Aaaah, brings back fond memories of our own Prussian Blue threads. Including one of my favorite Chy animations, the dancing Hitler!
  • I think the original thread is borked or something. It only "lasts" a year. Besides we've had far better flamers (no offense!) here. I prefer the Daisy May band, anyway.
  • Godwin
  • The ugliest flame war of all time You, my friend, are unfamiliar with the glorious triumphs of the Empire of the Meow.
  • This flame shall light a path through the tortured maze of teh intarwebs!
  • Not to derail, but it got me to thinking of this post from Gail Simone at Comic Book Resources. Might not be as long of time, but 19,558 posts in little over 3 months...sheesh.
  • Those girls should be in puberty by now, right? Age of consent in several U.S. states. Heh heh heh.
  • Excuse me while I jab my eyes out with shrimp forks B.D.
  • Nazism and pedophilia. Awesome. Things like this are reason I stick to sites like MoFi and MeFi. The god awful stupidity of some of people out there that participate in such things is downright scary. Sometimes I'm happy living my bubble.