March 07, 2007

Feist and Isometry Scroll the paintings. Mind and heart stuttering stuff. If you can get her book, "Forty Five" - do so. Just gets better with every one. Take a gaze upon Laszlo Lukacs' equally stunning and very different work. The man uses light like a lance.
  • Splendid stuff from Hughes, thanks. I only knew her through her dad's poem 'Full Moon and Little Frieda,' never realised she'd grown to become an artist.
  • You brokes it!
  • Yup, you brokes it. Abby, don't you turn around and blame that on the poster!
  • You all really missed out! (tries to look innocent)
  • It's back. Nice one, rotate180nth. Can I call you rotat-ey one-eighty?
  • Hey Roryk, you can call me whatever you like but there's a shorter way 'round' it too! ;) Server went down on Freddy - according to 'sources' ... yep, she's got the good stuff orright!