February 23, 2007

[Curious George] Help finding a DIY eye looky thing I saw once online instructions for making a device (called a ...?) which allows a person's two eyes to look into one another. It's a little box, mirrors, etc..., and one looks into the two eye holes. Any help finding it, or even a name for such device?
  • This in's it, but it's kind of interesting.
  • ni'snitering, I mean.
  • Any help finding it, or even a name for such device? It's an autobiocularscope. EVERYONE knows that.
  • Or "a teleoptireflexive prism". Only STUPID PEOPLE wouldn't know that.
  • But some people call it a kameraskopeomiraribox. But only the WORLD'S GIANTEST STUPIDEST PIMPLE-BRAIN WITH A MOP INSTEAD OF A HEAD would have to ask that question.
  • OK - I dunno what it's called. Sorry.
  • *Happy to be stupid under the circumstances*
  • Of course I've got an interocitor. Who doesn't?
  • Helpful answers, please.
  • It's called a Looty. No, really. It's the first result on Google for "see my own retina."
  • That guy in Pan's Labyrinth seems like he would be able to have his eyes look at each other without the aid of any device at all.
  • I just googled "see my own anus" and there is a singular result. It is not a device that would aid me in doing so, but I do think that I just won the four word version of Googlewhack.
  • um...DUH. Its called a "mirror"
  • I wish I hadn't done that.
  • MICKEY! You rock, that's exactly it. Thanks very much. I'm off to begin construction now....
  • Did anyone ask him WHY he wanted to do this? Gedoudda my toolboz! Damn those kids anyway!
  • Never cross the streams.
  • When you're done building, pix plz. KTHXBY