February 13, 2007

Goatse has nothing on me. For I have the greatest glory hole of all!
  • All it needs... (warning, contains flash)
  • I was a little scared to click that link, but said, "ah, what the hell!" Fascinating... Just where did the term "glory hole" originate from anyhow?
  • From here?
  • ...for obvious reasons, swimming near the glory hole is both prohibited and stupid. *straps on helmet, lifejacket, webcam, eagerly awaits prohibited and stupid joyride*
  • And as a bit of an aside on 'Glory Hole' -- a few years back, I went to Corning for the first time. Excellent and massive glass museum. One of the things they had going was a glass-blowing demonstration, where they would make crappy vases while the crowd oohed and aahed. Anyway, packed crowd, lots of families. Guy was doing his thing, and some lady was giving the play by play. At one point, the vase had to go into a reheating oven, and the lady calmly referred to it as a Glory Hole. I was shocked -- and it takes a bit to shock me -- as I only knew of the definition xenmate linked. Lady was going on and on about Glory Holes and their many uses, and I was killing myself laughing silently, all the while not quite knowing if it was just me who knew what else a Glory Hole was. Apparently. Later on, walking the main street, there was a bar called The Glory Hole. I passed by, and thought -- that's much better...
  • Also, from Cultural Contexts of the Harlem Renaissance: Glory Hole — A tiny club, housed in a basement, frequented by working class blacks where they danced and drank free from the Caucasians who were storming Harlem. Also there was an overstuffed closet on some ancient pre-telly radio show, but I don't remember the name of the show, having been born post-TV. Oh bees, where are you?
  • Tick: might you be referring to Fibber McGee and Molly?
  • That picture of the bicyclist riding around the bottom part is pretty awesome.
  • I think that's it, Bone!
  • Amazing story of Lake Peigneur, the vanishing lake, and an accidental glory hole.
  • PBoy, that is one fascinating video. Thanks.
  • Tht's absofuckinglutely beautiful. I just want to jump into it! Cap'n, one of the curators at Corning is an old pal of mine.
  • We have one of these, albeit much smaller, at Lake Hollywood, a reservoir in the Hollywood Hills. If anyone remembers the movie EARTHQUAKE, the Lake Hollywood dam bursts in the film and wipes out downtown Hollywood. It's really quite lovely to drive up and either bike or walk around the lake. I often pause at the glory hole, bathe in the mist and enjoy the rainbows in the air that it causes.
  • Great post, witty headline. I feel both amused and informed. Damn, those are some big holes.
  • MonkeyFilter: Damn, those are some big holes.