February 07, 2007

Lloyd? Is that you? Searching for some information on Lloyd Moseby, I found what looks to be his myspace page.

Pretty soon, it's clear that it, and the linked pages for fellow Blue Jays George Bell, Tony Fernandez, John Olerud, Manny Lee, and Roberto "cash dee tase" Alomar. Somebody's gone through a lot of work to create these obscene, homophobic and libellous joke profiles...

  • And complete sentences are sooo 2006.
  • Man...Bell, Moseby, and Barfeild were the best outfield in baseball in their day. And Shaker was my fave. The myspace pages are pretty funny, though.
  • I grew up in Syracuse. The last time I saw Moseby, he was playing somewhere in the outfield for the Syracuse Chiefs. It was probably 1979 or so. Not sure where he is now, though I thought I saw him on my honeymoon holding hands on the beach with Dave Stieb.