February 07, 2007

Guinea-Bissau discovers that Whoopi Goldberg is their most famous daughter. "Come to visit us!" they ask.

"Um, no, LOL!" she replies. Sorry for the lame FPP. I just got a laugh out of "Your Excellency Hoppy Goldberg". Oh, all right, here are some links on Guinea -Bissau They are one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. If you want to help Guinea-Bissau, eat plenty of cashews.

  • Final Jeapardy Answer: It's what Guinea-Bissau and Ted Danson have in common...
  • And all this time I thought that a "guinea" was a member of the Mafia that were the first honkies to set foot on the North American continent. Wouldn't it be exceptional if crap like "famous daughter" referred to something that was more in individual control than genes?
  • Mmmmm, cashews. I'm doing MY part for the Guinea-Bassauian national economy.
  • So does Guinan mean "of Guinea"?
  • Guinea-Bissau DROOLS. Guinea-Conakry RULES.
  • Although Liberia has a place called "Bong Town", 50 miles NE of Monrovia. In my imagination, Bong Town is full of American college students on summer vacation, who have just realised that they have made a very grave error.
  • 90% Papel? I don't believe it. How many generations since her ancestors came from Africa? And they've almost always managed to marry other people of almost pure Papel descent? Maybe I just can't get my head around the concept of a tribe composed entirely of Whoopi Goldberg's cousins.
  • Imagine the smugness! What if Ms Goldberg married the man who played Grand Moff Tarkin?
  • Whoopi Pygram? *scratches head* *Snickers*
  • 90% Papel? I don't believe it. Anything is possible for Guinan.
  • The Papel are kind of a small minority even in Guinea-Bissau, let alone Harlem. Perhaps by an amazing fluke different sets of genes from dozens of ancestors just happened to reassemble a genotype that was 90% Papel. Or maybe it's really more like they found a gene which means it's 90% likely at least one of her ancestors was Papel.
  • So... according to Wikipedia, her father hails from somewhere in the West Indies, which perhaps accounts for a few generations of shallow genepools. And that's all I got.
  • Also, according to wiki, "Lack of eyebrows is one of her trademarks[4]." Bet you can't find that in the EnSUCKlopedia Brittanica!
  • Wow. That article reads like something out of The Onion.