February 07, 2007

MetaMix! In case you missed my announcement on MeFi, I just launched MetaMix, a forum for MeFi, MeCha, and MoFi members to trade mixtapes and talk about music. Sign up with your MeFi, MeCha, or MoFi username and join the fun!
  • D'oh! "Some problems were encountered The requested username and password combination could not be found."
  • You have to apply for membership first, from what I can tell — your username isn't automatically transferred over or anything. Looks very cool, though! And some slick web design to boot. The mixtapes are certain to make great radio fodder.
  • SELF LINKER! EEEK! BURN!!! (Just kidding - looks neat-o)
  • Looks pretty sweet - and since brainwidth is too modest to mention it, MetaMix is featured over at MeFi Projects, for your voting convenience!
  • GYOFB!!!!! ...oh...
  • Dude. Sweet.