February 07, 2007

Video: Mind Control Made Easy (or How to Become a Cult Leader). A humorous yet informative video on cult brainwashing by Evil Films.
  • Everything for Our Leader I can't tell if it's a really old film, or just filmed with really old equipment.
  • I found that video on Youtube a while back and it cracked me up. I might make one of those t-shirts. If only all cult members would be so easily identifiable.
  • So that's how it's done. I still wonder though why anybody would want such goofy followers: I deserve better devotees than that, e.g. world-respected geniuses like LaRouche.
  • Yeah, I really like the tee shirts, too. A quick google search turned up this Cult Member tee.
  • Yarr! Beaten to the quip!
  • If I'd seen that video three years ago, The Cult of Wendell might have really gone somewhere.
  • Kinda scary.
  • I took a class on mind control in college, and that seemed like pretty much what we learned (in weeks, of course, rather than 12 minutes). The interesting thing is that if you look at the things cults do (separate you from your family and friends, take your money, tell you that you are a sinner or contain some kind of evil, tell you that following the group will improve/save you, give you overwhelming positivity and love at first and then withhold it to manipulate you, make you spy on each other, require physically demanding tasks and repetitive tasks to induce trance-like states, withhold food and rest, require you to recruit more cult members, etc.), it can get hard to draw the line between cult and religon. I don't know of any religion that tries to prevent you from sleeping, but most of them seem to tell you that you are a sinner and a lot of them have recruiting aspects. Also, I liked in the video that the blood hit the wall well before you hear the gunshot. Maybe those folks do have some sort of physics-altering powers.
  • MonkeyFilter: Maybe those folks do have some sort of physics-altering powers. So true, Yentruoc, so true.