January 31, 2007

Subjugation by James Galloway is a free, unpublished, and entrancing science fiction novel. The Faey are relatively mild as conquering alien overlords go. Within the first couple of paragraphs they peacefully take over the earth and turn it into a farming colony. Unfortunately the human residents are seen as little more than useful serfs to pull in the harvest. From the same author there is also the Kael Chronicles, a high fantasy epic (of about 8 novels) with a highly detailed and diverse world.

Enraptured by the quality of the writing and puzzled by lack of publication I scoured the forums and found this quote: I never really intend to publish. It doesn't really interest me at all. I don't write for money, I write because I like to write. Besides, I'm not sure I'd want to go through the incredible hassle that would entail trying to publish. That would make writing seem much less like fun and much more like work...and I don't do this for work.

  • What's really disturbing is they all play the golden flute.
  • Invaded by hippy elves - now there's Nothing But Flowers!