January 27, 2007

The Library from the good people at libcom. A huge collection of documents for all your anarcho-syndicalist needs.
  • Wow! *steals Steal This Book*
  • Revolution is good for what ails ya.
  • Good resource, comrade.
  • I've been a regular reader for ages through various incarnations of the site; the new layout is a vast improvement. Is is Drupal? Errico Malatesta is one of the best of the anarchist thinkers for me - clear moral voice and a lifetime of dedicated activism, willing to constructively engage with hard questions. I always found Aufheben's stuff to be consistently interesting too. The name 'Against Sleep and Nightmare' is great, though I haven't actually read their stuff - might correct that over my coffee. There's some interesting stuff in a similar vein at Prole. They include more by autonomist Marxists and some good anti-work writings. Anyway, we'll have plenty of time to debate this at tedious length all those nights round the fire after a long day on the Monkeyfilter collective farm once we get the commune going.
  • Heh, having now actually Read TFL I see it is Drupal. I can be relied on to spot the obvious, comrades.
  • I get all my stuff from the anarcho-syndicalist department at Walmart. Thanks anyway.
  • Thanks for the Prole link, Mr Coppe, I hadn't stumbled across that before. I look forward to those discussions around the fire, as we drink the product of the glorious Monkeyfilter collective still.
  • LOL@mercurious
  • (libertarian|anarcho) communists, not anarcho syndicalists.