January 13, 2007

Samurai saves Day . . . "One of them lunged at a policeman with his knife - but just as he did so, a mysterious do-gooder appeared from nowhere and attacked him with a samurai sword." via tcal
  • And in a strange twist, police shoot samurai sword man. . . "the man was armed with a samurai sword and was making threats to kill." It's not easy being an underappreciated samurai superhero these days, I tell you!
  • Ronin! I'll go and read the article now...
  • The Flashing Blade Officers could only give his description as white, in his 40s, or medium build, about 5ft 10ins with a moustache. *rubs chin* Hmmmmm...
  • And having done so:
    ...in true superhero fashion the samurai man disappeared before police could speak to him.
    Surely more like the rescued officers had the decency to let him leave, because if they find him they'll have to press charges you'd think.
  • But how tall is he without the moustache?
  • Gives new meaning to the handlebar moustache doesn't it?
  • Please, your thanks are not necessary, citizen. I was just doing my job.
  • Cowabunga, dudes!
  • Exactamento. That was no Samurai; he was a ninja.
  • " Article Police shoot samurai sword man Previous 1 2 "We use whatever means we have to bring a situation to a safe conclusion with the public's safety in mind." The man dropped the sword after being hit. He was medically examined and did not require hospital treatment. He was arrested and taken to Rugby police station where he was still in custody last night. Tuesday night's incident has been voluntarily referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission by Warwickshire Police. It is only the fourth time ever that an officer from the county has discharged a firearm. The last occasion was in 2004. Story continues Continue story ADVERTISEMENT From the secon article The three previous incidents also happened in 2004. One was in Queensway, Leamington, when officers fired to end a three-hour siege involving a man with a knife; another involved another siege at Harbury, near Southam, in which a man with a rifle threatened to shoot a helicopter; and the third was in Camberwell Terrace, in Leamington town centre, when police fired on a man with two samurai swords." What is it with the Brits and Samurai swords?
  • Sorry. Copied much more than I intended to. Blah human error.
  • Apparently Smurai-related violence occurs in the RalpTheDog / Rocket88 neighborhood as well. Here's the news listing from Google News, but sadly the story is available to subscribers only, so the entire cut-and-run story is not mine to share: "Man pleads guilty to attacking police with samurai swords Guelph Mercury (subscription), Canada - Jan 6, 2007 Thanksgiving dinner for a Fergus family ended with a man swinging two samurai swords at police while urging officers to shoot him, a Guelph court heard ..."
  • Oh, and Colorado.
  • Well, also New York.
  • MonkeyLion: If we just had the feckin' perveiw button.... *shouts KaaaaaiiiaaYAH, swings sword
  • Passed by an "instant cash" (pawn) shop yesterday and noted three "samurai" swords in the window. Asked meself, "Where are all these down-on-their-luck samurai?" Answered meself, "They're down the pub/bookies".
  • New Zealand. (The look on the guy's face in the photo seems to be his normal expression.)
  • Pervert button?
  • tracicle: (The look on the guy's face in the photo seems to be his normal expression.) The untold story: He cut off the girls' hands because they tried to take off his unearthly toupee.
  • I'm so glad I didn't click on that link at work. I'd be hauled out for incessant giggling.
  • Not at the story, mind you. At the picture.
  • Some interesting facts about samurai swords: - most swords outside of Japan are not authentic and were made in China out of stainless steel - most are sold with a blunt edge - the export of authentic samurai swords is controlled by the Japanese government, on the whole you are unable to export old swords - they are also hard to export due to airline laws (it always makes me giggle in Kill Bill to see Uma on the plane with her sword next to her) I have been fortunate enough to see a real hereditary samurai sword which belonged to a friends family - it was amazingly bright (and sharp) considering it was so old. I have also met a modern-day sword maker here - and even for a basic sword it costs a fortune. Mostly people commission a sword to replace a lost one in a family to be able to pass on to future generations.
  • Cutting the bean pod was awesome. Having a big fat redneck shooting at him was pure genius!