March 08, 2004

The Exorcist in 30 Seconds. Oh, and it's re-enacted by bunny rabbits. I'm sure I laughed too much at this to be quite normal. FLASH required Seen at zFilter
  • I laught quite a bit myself. Further confirmation you're not normal.
  • -t, +ed
  • Laughed? We nearly cried. We have not laughed so much since Grandma died. Or Aunty Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle.
  • I like pantitties. Who likes pantitties?
  • What's a mangle?
  • Since mexican asked... what's a panttity (pantittie? pantit?)
  • Oh, I forgot. mexican, it's something you use for pressing clothes. Or wringing them dry. I think.
  • BWHAAAAAA HAHA!!! much bunny goodness.
  • O. M. G. I want my life story filmed in Bun - O - Vision. I love Ilse's little bunny hat in Casablanca!
  • This website/file has been blocked in accordance with TfL’s HR policy for the use of email and the Internet – see details of your blocked access below. Your access was denied due to the content categorisation of this website/file: "Streaming Media;Bandwidth PG" Answering your Internet access queries: If you have a valid business requirement to access this website/file, or you think that failure to access this website/file is due to a technical fault: Contact the IM Service Desk What do they expect me to do at work? Work? I have a legitimate business need to watch bunnies.
  • oh I love these people :)
  • MonkeyFilter: Further confirmation you're not normal. MonkeyFilter: We have a legitimate business need to watch bunnies. MonkeyFilter: filmed in Bun - O - Vision.
  • *puts out hunny*
  • Hello Mr. Bear!
  • Thanks for the "update" update, Lara! I love these things!
  • Well, I'm not going to look until there's another update, so there! Hey Bear!
  • Watching bunnies? Who? Where? *paranoid velvetrabbit hops off to hide under her pancake*