December 29, 2006

Geostationary Banana Over Texas apparently us monkeys need to go to Texas after Aug. 2008.
  • via metafilter
  • Reading the description I thought it might be real until I saw that the project was in the final stages of its "engeneering" phase. The address belongs to an old Montreal club called Le Local and seems to be an art gallery now.
  • A geostationary orbit can only be achieved above the equator.
  • I love that the photo gallery has a peeing cowboy watching the floating banana.
  • Is it not real, then? *cries* I was going to use this as an excuse to go home!
  • Keep your artsy-fartsy canadian banana out of our Texas skies!!
  • Hmm...Canadian banana... Sorry, what?
  • d'oh! also, geosync orbits are 22,340 miles up, not 30-50. still...giant banana. woo-hoo!
  • oops 22, by 100, sorry.
  • /hastily rewrites blueprints
  • Hey, my dead grandmother is in a geosynchronous orbit of the earth at an altitude of -6 feet. So let's not get all up about altitude and latitude here. Staying in one spot is relatively easy.
  • I had to stop and think for a minute before I could separate "geostationary" and "gestational" in me mind.
  • Canadian banana? In Canadia, do they call it a 'back banana'?
  • No, they call it a "banana". But thanks for the clever multinationalist awareness. In California do they call it an "Arnoldana"?
  • "Arnoldana"? What kind of retarded beer do you drink? We in Cali eat our bananas slowly and deeply, and we always use protection.
  • Yes, we have no baconanas!
  • As I looked Up to the sky I began To wonder why That giant fruit Was hanging there Then over The horizon Came gorillas They were riding Horses and Yelling out to me They said "Run, human run" And I wished I had a gun When my world Turned all Planet of the Apes