December 29, 2006

Head-banging Chinese snakes can predict earthquakes


  • Ooooo I'll have to pick a couple of those up...
  • *throws away geology degree and bangs head into wall instead*
  • They don't predict earthquakes by head-banging, they cause them.
  • A million snakes, underground, banging their heads on rocks. That's where earthquakes come from.
  • I think it's kind of cool that in China there's no stigma in looking at alternate data sources. In the U.S., this would only happen if it could be gussied up into a windfall high-tech contract. Think Northrop Grumman running a snake farm.
  • Makes me rethink my stand on snakes.
  • Lara! Get offa those snakes right now!
  • Get that mortar-forking Lara off those mortar-forking snakes!
  • sorry everyone, I'll stop listening to that heavy metal!
  • Quakesnakes!