December 28, 2006

Wii Have a Problem. A compendium of Wii-related injuries and damage, and some other stuff. Busted, yes, but not yet old.
  • My parents bought themselves a Wii as a Christmas present. I warned them about using the wriststrap so they didn't fling the remote into the telly. I'm sort of wishing I hadn't purely for entertainment purposes. My mother did hurt her side during a four-person ten pin bowling tournament. It's funny: you feel like a complete pillock at first playing virtual sports, but with a bit of competition you end up getting right into it. Even without the aid of alcohol. I'm sending my mother this link.
  • I don't know a thing about the Wii or what the wrist strap is, but I've been running across stories on the "blogosphere" lately about damaged plasma TVs from not using wrist straps.
  • The gift that keeps on giving, to the legal profession at least.
  • *wrings hands in glee, memorizes key phrases from 'Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer'
  • Can someone tell me what a Wii is, what it does, and how someone might get hurt using it? I am still trying to figure out how to use "phat" appropriately in conversation.
  • Bernockle, this is a Wii. You can break things because of the unique design of the controller. You wave it around to use it.
  • "Now I suppose it's also plausible that the TV damage could also have been received from some runaway shopping cart or a rouge baseball..." From as far away as the cosmetics department?
  • I'm really sick of people complaining because they let go of their controller.
  • I still cry "foul" on the instance of a lady acidentally flinging her wii remote at the tv and having it inserted (about an inch or so) into her plasma. I've angrily chucked a full on good 'ol xbox controller at the tv and had it dent, but not break the screen. 'course, I coulda just been luckier than crap too...
  • I'm waiting for the website that has X-rays of Wii components "accidentally" jammed into various cavities and orifices. Maybe I'll start it and call it
  • My tale of woe involves neither broken wrist straps, or orifices. Last night, towards the end of a spirited bout of Wii Bowling, I dislocated my knee. Hurts like almighty jebus.
  • I like the idea of a screen saver with this motif, though for best irony it would be best to have it playing on the TV itself (do high-def TVs have screen savers?) Modesty (and policy) forbids my self-linking to a completely different sort of screen-saving idea.
  • Oh my god, there was this guy, and he came over, and he was like WIIIIIIIII!!!
  • Wiimote projects: finger tracking, interactive whiteboard, and head tracking.