December 28, 2006

Fat farms These are places to lose weight, but also to gain.

Both examples linked here however alarm me.

  • When are they gonna open a Height Farm?
  • And wow- that third link is indeed disturbing.
  • Whenever I hear the term "fat farm," I always think of Carrie Fisher, who said she had to go to a fat farm (see #2) in order to get her role of Leia in "Star Wars." Unfrickinbelievable.
  • Actually kittenhead I recall seeing her say that on the Making of dvd - there was still a bit of anger in her voice about it (and rightly so). Also they had this weird concept that in the future in a galaxy far far away women wouldn't wear bras so she had to be taped up. Ouch, and stupid. I think what struck me about the BBC story and then looking at some other sites about "fat camps" online was the extremes some people go to in making their kids into a perfect image - whether it be slim or larger. I can certainly understand the "spa" concept for adults - but both of these for kids is just a bit mind blowing.
  • What kind of seeds do they use to grow fat, anyway? Hamburger nibblets?
  • Any place where you can punch a side of hanging beef like in Rocky?
  • The thing about fat camp is, unless they can find a way to change the kid's life the other nine months of the year, the effects probably aren't going to last.
  • I wanna go to crack farm.