December 26, 2006

BEES! Man vs bee in an epic battle. Or: guys burn stuff for fun. (Warning: photo heavy.)

Sorry about the extended downtime over (our) night. Something really weird happened: Apache went down about 11pm our time, yet the server was overloaded through the night. Anyone know what could be overloading a server when no web content is running? The only other thing on the server is mail.

  • Obviously your server is full of bees. Ready the gasoline.
  • Poor bees. Nature is unruly, BURN IT! As for servers being unruly, it was probably a runaway process or resource exhaustion (too many processes? if so, use the apache configuration to limit number of children). Maybe there is a clue in /var/log/messages.
  • Burninate!!!
  • Wow, those guys are actually lucky to be alive. On so many levels. The bees must not have been Africanized. Unfortunately for the world ;) tracicle, there is some kind of massive spam wave going on. That could have something to do with it, if you're running a mail server.
  • My hero! At least the swingset is safe now. . .
  • If only I didn't need the bees to MASTURBATE!
  • Dead bees. They are fascinating creatures, and people applaud the death of a swarm. They were there protecting their queen. Bees will re-populate the world after we have killed ourselves off. They won't laugh about our demise, although I wouldn't blame them if they did.
  • Here's a sock full for your pleasure, briank.
  • all this "beeeees" and no "whacky"? What happened to the old hive-poet? Left with the swarm?
  • I hope he's just off a-visiting for the holidays. He'd better be.
  • I actually enjoyed the little captions that they provided for each photo. Usually, I hate that kind of crap.
  • ew. this grosses me out. bee swarms are notoriously benign. those bees were focusing on 2 things...surrounding their new queen (probably inside the pipe on top of the swingset), and finding a new hive location (thus the bees you see flying around). Even after being knocked free, they don't attack. That guy probably could have gone up and PETTED this thing. and you wonder why beeswacky hasn't come around? he's in MOURNING, people!
  • "When Pigott, 38, mixed a product called Real Kill Indoor Fogger with WD-40, it became a ''flame-thrower'' and melted the home's vinyl siding, according to a police incident report." And here I was thinking that I had nothing fun to do this weekend...
  • bees make honey as men make hokum burning a hive is never welcome but stupid does what stupid must and clearly this is poetically just