March 08, 2004

Take the final exam for the University of Georgia course 'Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball'. Just another sports scandal, or the ultimate Internet Quiz?
  • The last two questions are works of genius.
  • You mean this was a real test? I myself prefer the halves and quarters questions. Separates the men from the boys, yesiree.
  • Talk about an annoying use of javascript, though. Ah, pandering to athletes. Sell your school for fun and profit. Academia at its finest.
  • Man, I almost excreted masonry when this was discussed on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me yesterday. Thanks for posting this, wendell. Question #11 was obvious; everyone knows that Georgia's "How Do The Grits Taste Exam" is taken in elementary school. And I understand a lot of these Bible Belt players flubbed numbers 19 and 20, as "Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" wasn't one of the options.
  • Perhaps Harrick thought that his name was a close enough synonym?
  • Shit, this is hard. I knew I should have read the book. Psst, wendell, can I copy your answers?
  • You have to wonder if public knowledge of this sort of fake course wouldn't hurt a player's chances in the NBA. It's one thing to steer less mentally adept players in easier bird courses. It's another to tailor a course that specifically tells players that they don't have to work and can get away with anything. If I was an NBA coach I wouldn't want to touch these players. How could I expect they'd put any effort or discipline into their play?