March 07, 2004

Don't view this one first thing in the morning. Scary tribute to the not so photogenic ladies (and I use that term loosely) out there. Probably NSFW, and turn your speakers down.

I'll probably get grief for this but, oh well. I'll be searching for the male version of this to even the score

  • Yeah, nothing says mature blogging like making fun of the elderly, the developmentally disabled, the physically deformed, the morbidly obese, and those without access to quality dental care. This is blogging at its finest, folks. Nothing like mocking people who are probably mocked every day of their lives to brighten a day, right? Pathetic. Really pathetic. While you could make a case either way on the morbidly obese women, most of the people in that lovely montage have no control over their physical problems. Don't you think their lives are probably hard enough without some asshole of an internet person using their photos without permission for something like this? I don't care what gender it's for. This is nothing but mean, and it has no place here.
  • Since you knew you would get grief, what _were_ you thinking?
  • Fuck Peter Fucking Jackson most of all. He makes movies that break box office records, and is the favorite to win several awards, and he can't afford a fucking haircut. Fuck, even if he didn't want to fucking cut his hair, he could have washed it. Also, is a jacket that fits too much to ask the director of the biggest movie trilogy in history?
    Physician, heal thyself.
  • rodgerd, honey, your in the wrong room. Why don't you go lay down, take a rest. There, there, it's okay.
  • Oh boy... it's more sad than it is funny. And I mean the person who made it is truly pathetic. The handful of photos I've been in since my teens sorta look like some of those. *sigh* Not the best FPP. Not even the worst FPP. Just sad.
  • Those pictures were not of the unusual, but of average people - that's all of us, on a bad hair, in an unflattering photo. Musing: While many of us who are a simple 20 -30 pounds overweight certainly could do something about it, anyone who is/has been or has lived with someone who is "morbidly obese" knows that it is not something you can easily fix. I have watched members of my family diet and exercise and still fail to lose weight for decades - they probably know and have been on more diets than anyone on the planet, and one uncle even had his stomach stapled. If someone has lost 100-200 pounds, that is something which is remarkable and to be admired, not to be taken for granted as easy. rodgerd: I thought he looked kind of cute, all rumpled and refusing to be hollywood. I think it was intentional, or near to it; there are so many times when I have tried to dress up (esp in business wear) and said, "That is so not me; I look like a teenager who found her mother's suit." (And this at 26. I'm off to flip burgers).
  • Not cool, vapidave.
  • jb: rodgerd was quoting from my livejournal and saying I've no room to criticize his post. I maintain that there is an ocean of difference between people who are congenitally deformed or asymmetrical of face and those who refuse to shower before awards shows.
  • I don't see that Darshon was taking the side of the makers of the flash piece in question, he was merely posting it and saying "check this out!" Yeah, it's cruel and horrible, but worth acknowledging. Also, some of those photos were of people deliberately posing in 'sexy' clothing, so these folks were knowingly setting themselves up. At least one was from Judge Judy, so public domain.. etc.
  • this is just incredibly rude
  • I was taking no sides at all when I posted this and in fact was not going to post it at all when I started to watch it because I, too, thought it needlessly cruel but as it went on, it just got more amusing. Alot of the photos ARE just everyday people who aren't actually unattractive as just having a bad hair day or whatever. And I fully recognized that I could easily have put some of my own photos in this and fit right in. The fact is, 98% of us could fit in this flash and look like we belong in it. I probably should have put in a warning that it was NSF- the thin-skinned or super-sensitive types. My bad.
  • Not especially funny. Just sort of mean spirited with no panache. It feels kind of like the (supposedly) cool kids in high school doing "reads" (insults) on the nerds thinking their humor is highbrow but all the while being completely unsophisticated. Not to say I don't like stupid humor, but this isn't even good stupid humor.
  • I've always liked dogs. And even some underdogs. DogsOut singles out one gender for ridicule. Not my notion of fun. Humour seems to be missing in this particular link. /and bitch, bitch, bitch
  • This one's a stinker.
  • Let me add my voice to the chorus here: Worst. Post. Ever.
  • Maybe this insultingly stupid display of the Web's inhumanity to humanity serves some positive purpose: to contrast against the near-genius of the "Hey Ya, Charlie Brown" alternative video. I look forward to the C&D order from the Baha Boys, to be swiftly followed by a class-action suit against this "Powerpoint for the Emotionally Disabled" show by ALL of the women depicted. Sick, and unworthy of the MonkeyFilter. (Hmmmm... MeFi hasn't picked up on this meme... Maybe there is some hope for the old site after all)
  • I feel sorry for Darshon...
  • I don't think it was sick and 'unworthy' - it spawned conversation beyond a mere couple of posts, and so - voila! Everything is Monkeyfilter. I mean, none of us said "ha ha ha - look at those ugly fucks!" ~ oh, except for me, just then.
  • Have we all piled on Darshon enough? Okay. I left this thread up because I thought it might draw some interesting comments, not personal attacks on the poster. Vapidave, you were out of line.
  • Well, I knew I would get grief for it, and I did. I think I should give fair warning that when I am two sheets, my humour takes a distinct and decided turn. It becomes far more trashy/raunchy/sexual/crude/rude and everyone is fair game except for children. You have been warned. I, on the other hand, will take responsibility and accept the repurcussions for my occasional bad taste.
  • I meant this *thread* was a stinker. No particular opinion on the post.
  • Darshon: History's greatest monster. I left this thread up because I thought it might draw some interesting comments, not personal attacks on the poster. Oh. Uh... Darshon: History's not so bad guy.
  • For balance: Ugly Bass Players.
  • memoryhole?
  • No way, Dave. When someone wants to give you a slap, they'll just quote this link. *speaks from compromised position*