March 07, 2004

OMFG d00d2 j00 n33d 70 ch3ck 0u7 73h l337 v3r510n 0f h4ml37. Translation: Oh my fucking God dudes you need to check out the 'leet' version of hamlet. There's a long pointless introduction, and the actual "play" is about 15 minutes, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! [direct link needs Quicktime]
  • 2 l33t 0r n01 10 leet?
  • and for those who missed the first Tales for the l337, Romeo and Juliet. (Friar Lawrence is brilliant).
  • "all ur elsinore r blng 2 plonoious" Brill.
  • God, it's way too hard to type that way! Anyway, it was almost as good as Southpark.
  • Both videos are great. I particularly enjoyed Hamlet. Thanks!
  • Skinhead Hamlet
  • In the true spirit of the Bard jb. I laughed, I cried; and this may well go on my tombstone: I'm fucked. The rest is fucking silence.
  • Beautiful, jb.
  • My favourite bit is the end credits: Written by Chris Coutts Original idea: Chris Coutts ..and no credit at all for 5H4KE5P3AR3. Dude WTF.