November 30, 2006

Musicovery - a fun radio thingy that lets you explore related songs by genre, year, mood, tempo, etc. Free in Lo-Fi version. Good-gawd - hunh! Via.
  • Well, that is quite fun.
  • Pandora is less pretty, though a similar idea.
  • i don't know. it came up with Randy Newman for me and I can't honestly think of anything further from my personal taste than Randy Newman. Pandora is far more accurate for me. /hates everything...
  • to clarify, I think stuff like this is great and I will perhaps go back and try it again when their database is larger. I am always looking for new music and really DO appreciate things like this. Thanks Fish Tick for the post and apologies to any Randy Newman fans. /secretly laughs at Randy Newman fans
  • *surmises that speedsquare is of diminutive stature*
  • ouch fish tick, you called my number. he says i've got no reason to live and then says "you've got a friend in me" who can i trust?
  • Trust in solipsism. And Billie Holiday.
  • Newman's also totally wrong about L.A. (And I have gone riding down Imperial Highway in a convertible with a big nasty redhead and the Beach Boys on the radio... the redhead was driving me to the airport as I was responding to a family emergency, and I got my only laugh of the day when I noticed...)
  • When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that's amore, eh! this is quite groovy and the lo-fi is more than adequate.
  • This is nice, thanks fish tick!
  • Nice find; I shall have to peruse it at home, as my work PC refuses to sing to me.