November 30, 2006

Yukon meteorite contains conditions for supporting life. Unlike the rest of the Yukon. [Original finding-story here, with itsy-bitsy video.]
  • So, is that chunk in the picture still frozen? The comment at the end was a bit confusing. Nonetheless, very interesting.
  • The ghost of Pierre Berton smirks and raises an eyebrow at you, Capt.
  • *harrumphs*
  • Perhaps these are like little condos arriving on earth... Great. Management prolly has the same old rules: * no internal changes to unit or changes to common areas without written consent of management. * carpeting on various types of floors to reduce sound transmission, or restrictions against hardwood floors * no barbequing on balconies and no enclosing of balconies * no satellite dishes or antennae * no parking of commercial or recreational vehicles * use of elevators for moving sometimes have restrictive hours, require reservations and/or security deposits. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A CONDOMINIUM WHERE AN ELEVATOR or a LOADING AREA must be used for your move, contact the management office as soon as possible to book your moving date * no office business or commercial uses within condominium units * pet restrictions * types and colour of window coverings, (usually white or off-white) as can be seen from exterior of building * plantings and other uses of exterior patios * unit owner's liability for damaged exterior doors, including garage doors and/or added items such as central air, fireplaces, etc.(particularly in townhouses) * noise generated by musical instruments * Short term rental restrictions and other tenancy requirements Not to mention overpriced, no doubt.
  • The Wildfire team has been notified.
  • But isn't this how you'd imagine the devastating killer space virus would be first mentioned, in a < 200 word article from AdelaideNow, dug out by homunculus on a wet Tuesday in September?
  • Nice reading you, monkeys. So long. *runs into underground bunker, closes radiation- and zombie-proof door with big, ominous KLANG*
  • Aw, you guys, it's OK - it's just my real Dad come to pick me up.
  • And I for one welcome our new TUM Pater overlord.
  • Now I really miss MoneyJane. She was building a bunker!
  • Now I really miss MoneyJane. She was building a bunker! Would you bonk her in a bunker? Playing cribbage would you skunk her? Overcoated would you shock her or merely Peter Faulk her I ask because I miss her wit that smacked one in the kisser.