November 30, 2006

Colour Pictures of the American Depression [Flash required]. Article. From an exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery in London.
  • Wow. I was stunned by how well preserved the photos seemed, and how color added to that impression. The third photo, in particular, could have been snapped yesterday in the Midwest somewhere. The discussion in the article about how this may shed new light on the conditions of the era based on how happy or depressed the subjects appear felt a bit misguided, and reminded me of the 'Brooklyn cyclists relaxing on 9/11' photo imbroglio.
  • Amazing photos, Bobboggis. Thank you.
  • Those really are great photos. It is interesting that these photos were taken in part to demonstrate that the rural poor were "ill-clothed." One of my thoughts as I viewed these photos was just how much better dressed these people were than people are today.
  • Except notice the girls wearing dresses all made from the same cheap bolt of cloth. I love pictures like these. Thanks bobboggis!
  • Fantastic post.