March 06, 2004

How does 4000 frames per second sound to you? Sounds mighty fine to me.

Video clips (non-direct link, Windows Media files) captured at up to 4000 frames per second by incredibly powerful (and expensive) cameras. I think that some of the cameras cost more than the gross national product of some small countries. I think I like the water balloon the best. [via]

  • These are really cool. It would be nice if the explanatory blurb included what the actual elapsed time was, since we are seeing it slo-mo. And the water balloon is kinda trippy- that water looked like a peeled grape or something.
  • WOW! That water balloon was a trip. I love stuff like this.
  • I can't get this to work, for some reason. WHich is a shame becuae it sounds excellent. I truly am a sucker for slow motion.
  • Finally had leisure to enjoy this. Parts are most astonishing -- (in the insect flying upside down zsequence) I was amazed to see such a madly acrobatic take-off. This is fascinating stuff to look at, thanks jim_t.
  • I was saving this for an FPP, but since this is still live: Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space?
  • ooooh... that was really good! I especially like the last two pictures.
  • dng - I had some problems at work, due to the proxy servers. I can't view streaming media because Windows Media Player does not prompt me for authentication (which the proxy requires).
  • Yeah, I got it working. I just had to use a different browser, for some reason. The water balloon film is utterly unbelievable. Great post.
  • wow, forky, excellent find! Very cool.