November 27, 2006

Light To Unite click on the link - light a virtual candle - donate a dollar to AIDS research (courtesy of Bristol-Myers Squibb)...
  • Thanks big Pharma!
  • Read some of the candle stories, if you've got a minute.
  • *sigh* [From the MoFi FAQ: State if it's a flash, shockwave, java, quicktime movie or other such slow-loading site.]
  • Read the stories, in fact read just one of those marketed lines, those story arcs. So I say thanks big Pharma, thanks for your tax deductible IP investment, thanks for your relentless pursuit of return on investment, thanks for your parochial thinking.. now fuck off. Also: Read some of the candle stories, if you have a minute.
  • I didn't say that this piddling contribution absolved big pharma of all its sins. Or even that they deserved thanks. I just said read the stories.
  • Well I agree with you Lara, on the phama thing and that you just said read the stories if you have time. Sorry for pissing you off.
  • You didn't :)