November 20, 2006

How to eat a banana. Mindful eating in the CAMP system aims to restore balance and harmony with what you eat.

Arrive at your banana. Do not peel the banana by hand. Do not eat the first quarter of the banana. And don't put two pieces of banana in your mouth at the same time. If you have mastered the banana, you can go on to apply CAMP to doughnuts, sweet corn, Halloween candy, or pudding as well. With pizza, I guess you're on your own.

  • I already have enough food mindiness, thank you very much.
  • Everything I eat's been good for me. Because I'm still here.
  • If Barry White were still here, reading that text aloud would make women wilt.
  • I was thinking more along the lines of John Cleese.
  • Toothpicks? Anyone here employ the "peel from the bottom" technique?
  • I peel from the bottom now, since I learned it on MoFi. Thanks, MoFi!
  • My parrots like bananas, but they also find the peel appealing.
  • Really? My grey won't have anything to do with banana. Tried and tried to get her to eat it.
  • I have always peeled from the bottom. First the pants, then the top, then the thong.
  • I have always peeled bananas from the bottom. Always! On the few occasions where I peeled from the stem, the banana has been bruised. The stem is too large a lever and provides too much support for the peel allowing the peel to compress the flesh of the banana causing the banana to shear and spall.
  • As you begin to bite the corn, set a target number of bites you will take down the row. Then, count the bites and stop when you reach your target. (Use this target number for all of your bites!). While you’re biting the corn, pay attention to the sound of each bite and notice the “pop” of the corn kernels into your mouth. Can you say, OCD? Hello, just *enjoy* the food!
  • Notice how each kernel is saying "AAUGH! They're killing us!!!!"
  • While you’re biting the corn, pay attention to the sound of each bite and notice the “pop” of the corn kernels into your mouth. Imagine each little kernel is a puppy's head.
  • Darn you Vin Ethyl!
  • As you eat the banana, think of Mr. Talleyman. Did he tally your banana? Were his hands clean? Do you think Mr. Talleyman makes even a small percentage of YOUR annual salary? And what of the people picking the two foot, four foot, eight foor BUNCH? Daylight came, and they wanted to go home. They could not. Now how do you feel, sitting their, eating 18-20 pieces of banana and throwing a quarter of it away? Proud of yourself?
  • foor? their? Noobs will NEVER stay at MoFi until we have a preview button!
  • .youtoobers
  • I've always peeled from the top. If you have a decent thumb nail you can make a tiny cut at the base of the stem, lever it backwards, and make a clean cut resulting in a bruise-free banana (as if a bruise mattered...I'll be chewing it within a second anyway)
  • Has anybody ever tried that trick with a sewing needle and thread whereby one cuts cross sections through the banana within the (almost completely intact) peel? Now that's mindfulness.
  • This trick also works great with little kids- they're too young to realize that it's not "magic" and they won't question your abilities, either! The bigger kids complain when I stick them with a needle and they tell me they don't want to be sliced inside their skin no matter how cool I think it is. That's why you need to use little kids.
  • The peel from the bottom technique is obviously the right one.
  • *bends banana in half sucking the guts from the split seams, wipes face with back of forearm.*
  • While it's good to be mindfull of what you eat, throwing 1/4 a banana away is just WRONG. Bananas are the perfect food. They come in their own storage container, and they are a single serving. Don't waste your bananas.
  • Maybe you can give your 1/4 of a banana to your pet monkey, who can mindfully give 1/16 of the banana to his pet mouse, and so on and so on.
  • This reminds me of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and The Slow-Eater-Tiny-Bite-Taker. It also strikes me as a good way to lose weight. They sould do a section on popular holiday-feast foods. I always end up overeating at Thanksgiving and other big family meals simply to kill time and avoid those awkward silences.
  • I always overeat because it's yummy. Heaven knows I don't NEED it. Our national holiday of gluttony