November 20, 2006

An Audi S4, some blue painters tape, mix in some Americana...what could happen? (last link photo heavy)
  • Oh, that's just grand! A fun read as well. Kinda makes me long for those road-tripping carefree days... Wonder if the Kum and Go has Chili Poos?
  • Tres cool.
  • Wait? You can drive from Albany to Wisconson in 2 days?
  • Pooh. Try Bethlehem, New Hampshire to Minneapolis in two days via Canada ---> Detroit ---> Chicago ---> Milwaukee. Think I had two hours of sleep between NH and Detroit. Fun times! At one of my most-tired moments along some unforgotten stretch of highway, I pulled over to get some much-needed nectar of the road trip gods, caffeine. The rest stop was particulary nasty and dismal. The "coffee" they served me at 4:30 in the morning resembled water from the previous day's mop bucket, and tasted like it too. Wish I had a digital camera back then...
  • Road trips are the best. I wonder what that dues's caffeine:animated smiley ratio is?
  • Google says 19 hours and 56 min.
  • I've done 1800 miles in two days (Fort Worth to Cedar Rapids and back). Actual drive time was about 28 hours. I drove the vast majority of it, too. (My son spelled me for about 4 hours on the way back home).
  • Gee whiz, Doohickie, that's a long drive. It's about all I could do to get from NW Ohio to Ft. Worth back when I was in school, and I usually took 2-3 days. (I usually did all of the driving, too, because my dog isn't a very good driver.)
  • It's easy to drive distances like that when you're pissed (son was leaving college). It was about 14 hours each way actual time.
  • Hell, come to think of it, I drove 9 hours this weekend just to see a football game.
  • I drove seven hours a couple of weeks ago just to see my sister's marching band competition. Since we're both TX folk (though I'm sadly not living there now), I think anything under 10 hours really isn't too much. Over ten hours, though, you have to start actually *planning* and stuff :)
  • What high school did you go see? My son marches for North Crowley; we made Area but not State.
  • Ah, the venerable road trip. I had one in '02 and '04, but I didn't have the time to take one this year.
  • I road trip every year, with 8 or 9 friends in a rental van. So far (all starting in Hamilton, Ontario) we've done Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, and New York. This year is Philly and DC.
  • From NY to LA in 32 Hours and 7 Minutes.
  • My sister marches for LD Bell :) They're waaay better than back in the day when I marched for them.