November 19, 2006

The First Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace Hey, you never know. I certainly plan to do my part.
  • gee PatB, all you ever post about is SEX! /kidding!! I too will strive to contribute as much as I can :D
  • Heh! wide o-pun till ye filled it, ParkSlopeKen! There are far worse fates, PatBee! Kum-quhat?
  • I gotta question their science, if not their sincerity. This ranks up there with Orgone Energy and Kirlian Fields.
  • On a similar vein: Globalgasm.
  • nuh-uh, Medusa just last week I posted about folding chairs and didn't even include a link to furniture porn.
  • Sorry, I already gave at work. /Scans want ads.
  • "Solstice Day - at the time of your choosing" "Just go have sex sometime on Friday" is definitely not synchronized. Screw that. If they actually picked a date and time, that would be cool.
  • Exactly, to give the most passing appereance of 'seriousness', they should have set a precise hour for all the world to use, like those 'jump for earth's rotation' guys (what happened to that, btw?) I take it that everyday, there's enough people having sex to make a difeerence in global karma.
  • MonkeyFilter: There's enough people having sex to make a difeerence in global karma I think this is something we Monkey's could get behind...or in front of, as the case may be. Those of you that prefer to solo, do it in syncro at 12 pm, please.
  • 12 pm GMT? That's a bit uncomfortable for us Euro monkeys, you know, not that I have any qualms about masturbating at my desk.
  • I donate two of us! (many times!)
  • And I thought all the good acid trips happened during the 60s...
  • from the (unrelated?) masturbate for peace faq:
    Q: Seems like you are making the ironic statement that there's nothing we can do to stop the warmongers from killing and maiming innocents, that working for peace is completely futile, and we'd do just as well sitting home and jack off. A: That's a very pessimistic view. Think positive.
    while i think this Global Orgasm for Peace is, on the surface, a cute idea... i have to agree with the above sentiments. at best, it seems like misguided, halfbaked feel-good nonsense... and at worst, self-parodying cointelpro. instead of rubbing one off and thinking of gandhi, we could put those thoughts into action and maybe... 1) volunteer 2) donate money(!) for peace 3) write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper 4) educate someone about the military-industrial complex 5) hold your politicians accountable 6) forgive your enemies 7) etc i guess for bonus points, you could try to climax while doing one or more of the above. ( if you people weren't masturbating/orgasming enough already. sheesh!)
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