November 15, 2006

UC Berkeley Study Finds Web only 1% Pronography

Obviously, your mother and I are very disappointed in you. Although that may be a different topic. MercuryNews Login (if needed) username: pw:pa$$word

  • Mr. Starkers and Ms. Crumpet are clearly mistaken; just ask my workplace filter.
  • That's interesting, looks like about 50% to me! :-\
  • So what's the other 99%?
  • Pr0n so highly specialised as to be unrecongisable as pr0n to be who do not have the same James-Kirk-Ocelot fetish as the creator?
  • bzzrrrp! What? *cleans metaphorical ear*
  • THIS isn't porn then....well...uh, bye.
  • Quitter!
  • Ooh! I have a fetsih for quiters. That makes this thread porn for me! Whoo-hooo! Now we are up to 1.000000000001%
  • ``One of the things we think came out of the government's study is that the chance of running into graphic content on the Web when filters are on is extremely low'' I'm starting a project to study the chances of wetting wet when using an umbrella. Anyone knows where I can apply for a grant?
  • You can't get wet wet, its' already wet, that's why we call it wet. Duuuuuh!
  • My internets has LOADS more pr0n on it than theirs. They want to ask for their money back.
  • i get off on shapes uhhhhh
  • I was expecting [more (Pr0n) inside]...