November 10, 2006

Bus Stop Shelters in Ukraine "Some are frescoed, some are etched, some are tiled mosaics -- all are beautiful. Most have fallen into a state of disrepair because the local governments can no longer afford to maintain them." via This is what the Internets were invented for.
  • These are fantastic! Nice one, A_C. It's like Pompei! Who designed them? One central agency? Or was it individual artists? I wonder if there are any records.
  • p.s. reminds me of this.
  • I must admit to total ignorance of how the murals were made muteboy, just something I stumbled across work-dodging. Having a village youth, I am familiar with hanging around bus shelters, but there weren't many at home half so nice as these.
  • These are delightful! Nice find, Abiezer!
  • Those are flippin' gorgeous! I love 20th-century ruins.
  • Nice find A_C!
  • Tesselated waiting-place as pretty as pysanky, your fumes of diesel, cigars, pee - they pwn my scented hanky.
  • The "via" link above contains some other gems such as the Toilet Museum. Thanks, Abiezer!
  • One thing we know for sure is that there are no graffitti artists in the Ukraine.