November 07, 2006

Okay, so first of all, the Duchess of York has a weblog. Yes. She really, really does. And if that isn't amusing (it isn't, it's mostly a little disturbing), then be amused by the brilliant use of tags on the Amazon page for Kevin Federline's new album. I hear the reviews are also amusing, in an igry sort of way.
  • tracicle, your motherhood is not good for my mental health. I can't believe I just went and looked at that toesuckette twittery. I need a wash.
  • Products tagged "music to make you long for the sweet release of death" are also tagged aka vogon poetry (1) ... as good as socks with sandals (1) ... every track ought to be hidden (1) ... why has god forsaken us (1)
    i'm starting to like - it's a remarkably entertaining site.
  • So... she works for Weight Watchers.. and McDonalds... No contradiction there.
  • The reference to Vogon poetry made me so happy... (oddly, since Vogon poetry is supposed to do the opposite).
  • I don't see the problem with the Duchess of York having a blog as an adjunct to her charity work. It's a bit boring, but that's all I can see. And yes, I know she's the Duchess of York, but presumably she puts her pants on the same way as everyone else. Besides, she's one the few royals who hasn't been a complete twit in some manky newsrag.
  • My favorite album tag was "why has god forsaken us". (and combining these two issues in one post should elicit classic monkey crossover jokes. yay)
  • Breaking K-Fed News: Britney gets a clue, kicks Federline to curb. Our long National Nightmare is over. This may be the best news you'll hear today (OK, that's depressing). Just please please please don't FPP this here
  • This means the Captain can make his move!!!