November 07, 2006

Crissy Moran [NSFW] after losing her boyfriend and suffering a "mini stroke" turns her life back to God. Succinct and provocative, the story of her life [SFW] is written as explanation to her fans.

What I find really cool is how supportive the fans she gathered doing porn are, of her abandonment of porn. It begins: "I grew up in Jacksonville, FL. Most of my life has been a constant search for happiness and love."

  • What a fucked up life she's had. If religion helps her find some happiness, more power to her.
  • Ouch.
  • When I used to listen to Love Line, when it first hit the airwaves (it was actually good back then), whenever anyone said they were in the porn industry in any way, the first think out of the Doc's mouth was "When was the first time you were molested." and every time he was spot on. So now I just figure every chick in porn was molested.
  • I wish she had told me before I'd had a wank. I feel like a user.. Better to stick to amateurs in future, more likely to actually be happy in their life.
  • All I can say about the porn industry is they couldn't have done a better job inventing a female "porn star look" that totally disinterests me. Zzzz. I get more of a woody looking through university faculty pages than on
  • glammajamma, every chick that was fucked up enough to need to call Love Line, maybe. Your sample population was skewed towards the fucked up end. I'd expect that same question asked to anyone who called that show should produce similar answers.
  • I got mugged by a Shetland Pony. So now I just figure evey Shetland Pony was molested.
  • This thread sports what is arguably one of the top 3 thread titles ever to appear on MoFi.
  • Tastes like chicken soup for the baggage-laden soul.
  • Pr0n on MoFi! Can the world get any better?