October 31, 2006

Curious George: Occupational blogs? Do you have any recommendations for blogs that let me walk a mile in someone's occupational shoes? I want to read the ups and downs about working on a construction site, driving a train, being a flight attendant, being a mailman, whatever. I really haven't had much luck fishing this stuff out of the sea of teen angst and vaporous blogs. Recommendations?
  • A Copper
  • ooops - pressed post instead of preview before the post was finished - he also links to lots of other public sector occupational blogs on the right hand side. I don't read this geezer - I just knew he was there!
  • So you want blog the builder, thomas the typepad engine, the simile high club, and postie the persistent poster? Um, I dunno. Nearly everything "occupational" i've seen is (a) tech oriented, (b) political (generally newsfilterish), (c) somewhat exotic (sex workers, music biz, fake aristos). Why is this? Well, I guess a lot of people have neither the time nor the inclination to publish what's essentially a diary entry several times a week. I'd note also that a flight attendant was fired over the content of her blog. I'd try searching directly on blogger and some of the other big hosts, based on terms that interest you. A search on "job description" on blogger yielded: fthisjob.com, the "I hate my job" blogging community...
  • Mind you before you get to the occupation links on the copper site you have to run the gamut of a whole load of mad libertarians ...
  • gee, don't you want to read my I-never-write-in-it blog on the trials and travails of making panty-fetish porn??
  • I asked the same question last year, (the FPP question that is, not um, Medusa's) and here was the answer.
  • QA Insight Welcome to the exciting world of SQA.
  • Bouncer's Blog. (Also seconding Waiter Rant and Random Acts, above.)
  • Dr. Crippen writes my favorite blog. He complains a lot about the British medical establishment. However, he has a great sense of humor, really cares about his patients, and conducts discussions within the comments. One of these days I am going to have to make a post about him.
  • Indie Escort duh!
  • On My Desk
  • I came in here to mention two blogs, and I see that kitfisto and Koko beat me to both of them. So um, what kitfisto and Koko said.
  • New York Hack. The Blog is winding down because she has a book deal, but the archives are a good read.
  • Awesome... oh man, you all have saved me from boredom while my computer crunches endless sets of data.
  • There are so many Librarian blogs it's ridiculous, but you could start with Jessamyn's Blog.
  • Half asleep so the google-fu is not rising--wasn't there a blog by a mortician around somewhere? Kind of an average day in the life of Ed the Embalmer type thing?
  • Life of a Farm Blog Though, it appears to be directly linked with Mahindra Tractor.