October 31, 2006

Eroica! Fabulous, in-depth Flash exploration of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major. (via MeFi).

Or visit an interactive version of Dvořák’s "New World" Symphony. Czech it out!

  • Drat! Did H-dogg put you up to this fishy? On the heels of my ubercool Tom Waits thread this would have cemented me as the musical foundation from which all jiggy FPPs doth grow. Alas, one thread too late! Beautiful site! From the MeFi thread there's this link to an SF Chronicle article about the making of the site.
  • This is my favourite bit of ol' Ludwig Van, my droogies.
  • Me, I have an unhealthy obsession with the Am string quartet (op. 132), especially the third movement. And yes, thanks very much for the link.
  • Quite fantabulous! Also they're going to be doing Stravinksky and Copland on the PBS series that goes with the website....
  • Sweet link.
  • Oh, man, what a sweet, sweet site. I know little about classical music other the what I listen to on SkyFM's "Mostly Classical" as background during the day. This is a great, simple way to learn more. It leads me to sit back, listen and admire Bog And All His Holy Angels And Saints in my left shoe. Heh, nice, fish tick, nice.
  • This is so fucking awesome. Seriously.
  • Ohmigosh. It will be every bit as awesome to have this for the Rite of Spring.
  • )))))!!! Amazing. Thanks.