October 31, 2006

World's largest Pumpkin Gaia affirms that it's an orange alert day.
  • Give this pumpkin a nudge with your mouse and watch it spin. I think this will be today's "background". In related news, NPR is reporting that the Hubble repair mission is almost certainly on.
  • What does a .kmz extension represent? Is Google Earth necessary to load this?
  • Yes, it is a google earth link. The second link goes to a small screenshot and explanation.
  • kmz == keyhole meta, uh, z.
  • math is hard!
  • My workplace watched this in the background all day today. Thanks, Flitter!
  • Where do you find these pictures?
  • www.donotfuckwithahippopotamusfilter.com
  • Regretably bringing hippos and pumpkins back to pumpkins and earth, teh google finds me Taweret, the Hippopotamus, Protector of Pregnant Women, Mistress of the Horizon, demon-wife of Apep In the northern sky and never setting, covering much of the constellation now known as Draco, the bane of Potter.