October 28, 2006

Trainwrecks. Many of us get a bit gleeful when we come across a truly priceless flame-out or pile-on *cough*Daisy May*cough* but they can be hard to find. If only there was some site that filters out all the boring, rational threads for us...
  • Why do you hate Amerika?
  • Is that you, Ratbert?
  • Seems more like a series of one-car accidents, at least as far as I read. On MoFi, trainwrecks tend to have larger casts of characters, with each of us being "true" to our preconceptions. (Note that I accuse myself first.)
  • You're right... there ARE a lot of one car accidents there. But some of them... oh my!
  • This is one of my wife's favorite sites. She keeps submitting new blogs all the time.
  • I feel better about my own online presence already!
  • One day I will be cool enough to have a trainwreck blog entry devoted entirely to me.
  • fuyugare you are an infertile bridezilla man-stealing bankrupt whore! Do you think that helped? (~_^)
  • It's true. I'm in ur base stealin ur manz.
  • Yeah, but I'm in ur manz, stealin' ur ... wait. no I'm not, um...
  • I see your Trainwrecks and raise you a Fandom Wank.
  • Oh, my. I just read too much of the trainwreck of the Strang diatribe. Now, in her own words, "I feel like I need to take a shower." These kinds of people give feminists everywhere a bad name. The shame. And pettiness.
  • Oh, yeah. That's via verbminx's link.
  • Wooo-hooo! Nice link, InsolentChimp! (that cute lil' Strang chick though... clearly what she needs is a good... uh. no. I can't say it. I'm having flashbacks to my time in a utopian feminist commune, HeraSeed. Utopian because we got to blame absolutely everything that ever happened anywhere on The Patriarchy. We even went so far as to call the sun 'The Daughter.' True story.
  • uh... just toss a ) in there anywhere you like.
  • The patriarchy makes me put it after the word "True." And that is no shed of facetiosity? Yipes!