October 27, 2006

Rahner's Rotten Rentals [embedded Real video], Seattle Times critic Mark Rahner's Halloween movie roundup, pays tribute to the heroically shlocky TV horror hosts of the 60s and adds a grateful nod to the horror hosts of today.
  • Good lord that second link is awesome! Thanks. Zombie reported to be disappoint in Cheney's comment, "It's a no-brainer for me." Zombie was then reported to have smashed Cheney's skull in on general principle.
  • Oh, and I just figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween.
  • Sammy Terry is the man. I really lament the loss of Horror Hosts. Here in Bloomington, we have real live horror hosts at the Atomic Age Cinema. I've never gone though because it is at midnight, and I'm too old to think going out at midnight is fun. I've also heard that Unlike Sammy Terry who was genuinely terrifying, they are more MST3K in style (which I'm a great fan of, but different than I'm used to for horror hosts). Many pleasant nightmares...
  • Mr. Koko and I are in the midst of our annual 2-week long Halloween Horror DVD Fest. Last night, it was Silver Bullet (blech!) Tonight, Night of the Lepus!!!
  • Beats Night of the Leprous.
  • Light of the Kneepus *gags*
  • Update: If the first link doesn't work, try Seattle Channel [also embedded Real video]. And click here for a blood-curdling image of my childhood horror host, Syracuse's legendary Baron Daemon... if you dare!
  • What about SCTV's Count Floyd and Monstor Horror Chiller Theatre?
  • Plight of the Pee-cursed?
  • Trite of the Free-Versed One thousand *heart-wrenching* poems about cats read by Vincent Price.
  • Bite of the Weenie-wurst! Oh, no! ... those tranfats! ...
  • Nightie of the Weiners Tranny-fats?
  • Too squee if there are baby pictures. Every monkey will fling him/herself in raptures at the chance of a cocktail sausage of his/her very own over which to drool and groan.
  • Triteness of Freepers?