October 14, 2006

Is it live?!
  • [requires Flash]
  • *hands beeswacky the Flash" http://www.mediakiller.co.uk/scripts/sydney%20cuthbert/FLASH%20GORDEN.txt
  • Hurray for Flash and Ming the Merciless and the Mudmen!
  • Oh, THAT Flash! *buttons up raincoat*
  • Dear Santa, Please could I have a short-range personality scanner for Christmas. I have been unbelievably good this year. I'll make it worth your while. luv from me xxooxxooxxoo
  • Roll up computer? Cell phone exerciser? Transporter? I am sooooo ready for these!
  • Apparently unaffiliated with "Is It Live?"..
  • Closer to "Is it live -- or is it Memorex?"