October 12, 2006

Auckland MeFi meetup Monkeys are bound to be welcome at tomorrow's Mefi meetup in Cornwall Park. Bananas optional. Sorry for the late notice - we'll do better next time.
  • *crickets*
  • I did very briefly consider hopping on a plane to Auckland for the weekend, as a close friend of mine is up there and it would have made a good excuse to visit. But obviously I'm not. I'd organise a Christchurch meetup but I'd be the only one there.
  • When I hear "christchurch" I get all these visions of long haired hippies - all dressed in white - singing songs about creation - and riding sheep.
  • I'm going to Auckland...but not arriving until Sunday night d: Oh well.
  • Fun Facts! Despite its name, "Auckland" isn't actually a land at all - it's a city! And neither is "Christchurch" an actual church! "Wellington" isn't a gumboot - it's a city too! And "New Zealand" isn't all that new - it's existed in a variety of forms for millions of years! And Tom Cruise is actually a talentless religious extremist who likes to suck cock! Next week: more Fun Facts!
  • Ha ha! Yeah, right! "Australia" eh? Ah quid, you fooler.
  • Hey quid, Tom Cruise's lawyer just called. Can I give him your number or shall I just send him over? I get a commission!
  • *emits satisfied sausage burp*
  • *sniffs* Ew, sausagey. I just came from a barbecue too, so there. :P